About the TAtech Summit


What’s Special About the TAtech Leadership Summit?

TAtech isn’t interested in mega-conferences with thousands of attendees and hundreds of vendors lined up in a drafty exhibit hall.

Instead, the TAtech Leadership Summit offers an intimate setting for thought leadership and collaboration among executives, managers and senior professionals in the talent acquisition field and the talent acquisition solutions industry.

There are no “pay-to-play” sessions masquerading as educational content or pundits recycling presentations with little or no take-home value.

What you’ll find at the TAtech Leadership Summit is the opportunity to share your talent acquisition insights and knowledge with your peers and tap into and benefit from the lessons they’ve learned in their own work.

You also won’t sit in some meeting hall and get talked at all day.  In fact, networking is a big part of TAtech events.  From informal conversations during coffee breaks, meals and cocktail receptions to the small group discussions that are an integral part of each program, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know others who share your interest in the power and promise of talent acquisition technology. 

So, what’s special about the TAtech Leadership Summit?
The people who attend.
Join us.